Jacquard Loom Woven Photo Blanket

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A traditional woven blanket created by turning your image into a loom pattern. Three-layer woven, 100% cotton. An instant heirloom!

(The size indicated includes the fringes. The dimensions do not mean the image itself will be that exact size and additionally there is a 5-7% variance in size due to woven nature of product and cotton shrinkage factors.)

• Material: 100% cotton
• Production Process: Jacquard Weaving with 100% Cotton Yarn
• Production Time: Ships in 3-4 Weeks.
• Image is converted to a 6-color pattern and woven into a blanket. Best suited for closeup images.

Please be advised: The image is woven in and uses only 6 color thread interwoven together to create a resolution that is best for images with not too many subjects. Some colors may not be achievable, and resolution is such that it is best viewed from a distance. A good contrast between different elements of image is required for the output to come out with appropriate clarity


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Tina Beban-Barry
Review for Jacquard Loom Woven Photo Blanket

Great Product. Thanks