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There are a hundred clichés that revolve around people being like snowflakes. We're all unique, and no matter how simple we may seem, we're all as complex and intricate as the most elaborate crystallized bit of precipitation that ever fell from the sky. Memories, and specifically, what makes certain memories more important than others, are as distinctive and as intimate as we are. At Personal Throws, we understand and applaud the diversity of the human condition, and have created a line of themed designer photo blankets so incredibly deep that you are sure to find one that is a perfect fit for you, or whoever is on your gift list. Looking for a gift that really means something? Choose from any of the great sentimental settings below, from Baby & Toddler to Love-N-Romance, Vintage & Antique to all of your favorite holidays. With so many sizes of photo throws and blankets to choose from and so many incredible designer settings to showcase your favorite photos, you might need to start a collection to show them all off. Click on your favorite theme below to get started, and wrap yourself up in all of your most cherished memories today!