Jacquard Woven Photo Blankets

A traditional woven blanket created by turning your image into a loom weave pattern. Three-layer woven, 100% organic and natural cotton with image woven in. An instant heirloom gift! Heavy weight and warm

Production Process:Jacquard Weaving with 100% Cotton Yarn
Production Time:2-3 Weeks
Single Sided : Backside is reverse of the front due to the nature of the weaving process.

Best suited for closeup images and best seen/appreciated from a distance

PersonalThrows Difference: Image Creation by Skilled Artists - Single Image or Collage. 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. Our expert production and only best quality cotton yarn creates easy care but rich and elegant premium woven blanket. Indescribable comfort and wow factor is ensured. Exclusive fabrication. & High attention to detail; Great Customer service all around to back up everything!

Why Customers Love it!

  • Made Entirely in the USA
  • Unique texture and look which is only possible when the image is woven instead of printed. Image is converted to a 6-color pattern and woven into a blanket.
  • The only Photo Blanket which is 100% Organic, Natural Premium Cotton Yarn
  • Highly Durable. Due to it being triple layered woven, it holds up wash after wash. An excellent heirloom.
  • Washed and Dried before shipping to make the cotton soft right out of the box.
  • Can be machine washed in cold water and tumbled dry on low or medium heat.
  • Great for Weddings, Holidays, Birthdays, and Anniversaries. Best seen and appreciated from a distance.
  • Ships in 2-3 weeks despite a very time intensive production process