HD Woven Photo Blankets

size comparison HD woven blankets

Material: Poly/Cotton, 3-layer Woven Blanket
Production Process: Dye Sublimation
Production Time: Ships in 3-5 Business Days.
PersonalThrows Difference: Image Creation by skilled Artists Single Image or Collage.Great Customer service all around to back up our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee
Exclusive combination of Rich Woven Texture & High Detail is ensured to wow you.

Manufactured the same way as traditional Jacquard Woven photo blankets but with a white polyester imprintable front surface to allow for high definition (HD) dye sublimation printing. This allows for your photos to be expressed on a woven blanket with vibrant ,true colors & high resolution clarity .

HD Woven Photo Blankets are a great alternative to traditional Jacquard woven blankets (with image woven-in) when artwork requires a higher definition reproduction while still being on a woven blanket with fringes.

While 100% cotton jacquard woven photo blankets are preferred for their soft and luxurious feel over these cotton-poly blend HD wovens, the HD woven photo blankets have an advantage over jacquard when detailed and vibrant , photo realistic image output is required.

Sizes: 54x38" (Small) , 54"x60" (Medium) , 54"x70"(Large) 

Image possible only on front

 Why Customers Love it!

*Traditional woven blanket with full color detail.  No image restrictions. Detailed images are OK to reproduce on the HD wovens without loss of clarity and quality

*Quick turn around of 3-4 days.

*Unique look with fringes on all sides typical of a Woven blanket.

*Highly Durable due to being, triple layered woven which gives tremendous detail as well as gives it durability to handle well wash after wash. It lasts and feels like an heirloom

*Easy to care for! Machine wash using cold water and tumble dry on lowest heat setting

*Great for artists who want their artwork with colors and detail to be expressed accurately on a woven blanket to still have that unique weave texture without compromising on colors and resolution. 

*Great for weddings, Holidays , birthday and anniversaries or for display on events using our hanging rod set