Plush fleece Photo Blanket- 60" x 80"

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A slightly snugglier option than our Polar Fleece – thicker and fuzzier. 1/4 inch thick, dye sublimation imprinted. Great for chilly plane cabins or car rides.

  • Size: 60" x 80"
  • Material: Anti Pill 400 GSM Coral fleece (100% Polyester)
  • Production Process: Dye Sublimation
  • Production Time: Ships in 3-5 Business Days.
  • Softness Index: Fuzzy material that is softer than cashmere.
  • Set it up with a single image or a collage!

Questions & Answers

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  • I noticed that you can have a border color. Does the picture take up the whole front of the blanket or can you have a border? Also if I pick a different color for the blanket how does that affect the color of the picture?

    We typically aim to have the image take up the whole front of the blanket, but sometimes it is necessary to add a border to prevent unnecessary cropping of the image on the layout. Choosing a different border color will not effect the color of your photo, as it's simply a border added around it – the color of your photo is not changed when it is added.

  • I have decided to give this another go. Not sure what I am doing. As soon as I get my picture on the blanket, and in order for me to see it I have to put it in my cart...not a problem. However when I put it and look in my cart the picture of the size blanket I choose shows up instead of mine. What am I doing wrong? Thanks bunches, Linda Silva

    Hello, Our site is not set up to automatically generate a preview of your image on a blanket when you upload it. The image you upload must be worked on by a graphic designer to lay it out per your specifications, which cannot be done at the time of purchase. This is why the image isn't showing up no matter how many times you keep readding it to your cart.

  • when I up load my picture how do I know if the pic quality is good and how will the pic look on the blanket?

    If you are unsure about the quality of your image, then you may email it to us at for a free consultation before placing your order.

  • I need to order a fleece blanket 60x80" and to use as a backdrop. What size jpg file should I send?

    If you're asking about size in concern to dimensions and resolution, the file dimensions and resolution used to print this size and type of blanket is 63" x 82" at 72 DPI. The additional inches on the height and the width account for a bleed region - an additional amount of the image that must print past the edge of the blanket's total measurements to ensure the imprint is edge-to-edge.
    If you're asking about the filesize, then we ask that you consult our image file size guidelines. Please be advised that the minimum specified is abare minimumand will typically only produce adequate results; submitting a file below this will affect the quality of the final print negatively and we strongly advise customers to submit as large a source file as they possibly can.

  • Do you ship to Canada?

    We do offer shipping to Canada on our products. Be advised that international shipping will increase the time it takes for your order to arrive.

  • What colors of blankets can I choose from?

    The blankets are a base color of white and do not have a color you can choose. You can, however, choose a color for the border & background of the collage which will become the primary color of the blanket during imprinting. The colors available are listed in the "Border/Background Color" dropdown option menu.

  • How many people can be in a photo? Do you zoom in on photo to eliminate some of the extra things in the background of the pictures?

    Larger blankets can accommodate photos with larger groups, but the shot must be zoomed in on the group and we typically recommend groups of 5 or less for such images.
    We do not zoom in on photos unless it is stated in an item's comments to do so. Additionally, even if a customer specifies they want the image zoomed in it is not always possible for us to do so, especially if the image submitted is lower resolution. If you want your image zoomed in any specific way, we will require: Clear instructions of how you want the image zoomed in and cropped written in the item's comments section before you add it to your cart. A high resolution photo of 8 megapixels or greater.   If you are unsure if your photo will meet these requirements, then please Contact Us with your image before placing your order.

  • If I scanned 2 grade school pictures together would that be considered 2 pictures or can they be uploaded as 1 pic? Thank you

    If the photos are arranged on the scanner without space between them and appear to be one image, then we would consider it a single image. If images are scanned together with clear space between them, then our team would consider them separate images.

  • Is it possible to receive a custom blanket within 3 business days from time of order? We are in California

    These blankets take 3 to 5 business days to produce normally, but we do offer expedited processing and shipping. Do keep in mind that both are completely separate things – and are charged as such – so you would have to select and pay for expedited (Red Express) Processing and overnight shipping to get your order within that timeframe. Otherwise, it is not possible to receive your order that quickly.

  • What is the maximum number of pictures that can be used and the size?

    As stated in the product's details, the maximum number that can be used for this – our largest size of blanket) – is 12 images.

  • Re: DOUBLE-SIDED PHOTO COLLAGE PLUSH FLEECE BLANKET - 80" X 60" Is the maximum 12 photos per side for a total of 24 or maximum of 6 photos per side for a total of 12?

    The maximum is 12 o,shr per side (or per collage), for a total of 24 images.

Customer Reviews

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I bought the large blanket throw for an 80th birthday gift for a very dear friend. He absolutely loved it! he still is raving about it weeks later! I have not seen it in person, but I saw a photo he posted on Facebook and it looks gorgeous! So meaningful to capture a person's life in this way. My one negative is that I had to pay for a "proof" and thank goodness I did because there was a big mistake - inadvertantly, the design people at this company had left off one of my photos! thankfully I caught it and the error was rectified immediately and accurately - it would have been a problem because the throw captures ALL of my friend's dogs, and by omitting one of their beloveds I would have had to have had the blanket redone once I realized the error, which might have been months down the road before I see them again (they are Snowbirds in FL). I honestly think it is worth the $ to have one proof if you order here! and I also suggest to this company that they make one proof standard for approval on all purchases. That all said, I could not be happier or more pleased with the superior quality product generated here - and it made my friend SO happy! GREAT concept!GREAT execution. GREAT product. I will definitely use this company again!

Photo plush blanket

Better than I expected. Very defined photos printed on them and super soft. I was expecting it to look cheesy but I was very impressed by it. It actually touched my wife who is not easily impressed. Thanks again and I would highly recommend this product to anyone.


I purchased a blanket for a gift and it turned out great! The pictures were good quality and looked much better than I thought. I would definitely be looking at ordering more in the future.

Personalized Blanket

I ordered a blanket for my cancer-stricken husband filled with family and friends that love him and it came out amazing! The quality of the blanket is wonderful, comfy and the pictures came out crystal clear. I highly recommend this product!


I ordered a blanket for my grandmother as a christmas gift. It was AMAZING! I had contacted other companies and was told it was impossible to get the image to come out clear and recognizable. Luckily I found this website and they made it happen! And the blanket is super soft. Needless to say grandma really liked her present.