Water Repellent Outdoor Picnic Blanket (50"x 59")

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Enjoy some fun in the sun while leaving a buffer between you and the ground with this water-repellent microfiber picnic blanket. This eye-catching 24 oz. piece is made of plush microfiber polyester with a water-repellent polyester oxford lining to help you stay dry. It's also great for camping, trips to the beach, sporting events and much more.

  • Size: 50" x 59"
  • Material: 100% Polyester Plush Microfiber Front, Water-Repellent Oxford Lin
  • Production Process: Dye Sublimation
  • Production Time: Ships in 3-5 Business Days
  • Set it up with a single image or a collage!

    Versatile Use: -Great to wrap up in for a movie night, to drape over a couch, or hang on the wall! Trips to the beach or picnics are always made better with a nice sitting blanket to rest on.

    -Share your artwork and designs or give it as a gift to someone in need of comfort or visual memorabilia.

    -Help your homesick college students snuggle up with a picture of their pets or start: family!

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Customer Reviews

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Holly Wright (Roswell, US)
Great product! Amazing quality print!

I'd never used sublimation dye before, and I was super impressed with how this blanket turned out! We had all kinds of gradients, bright colors, and deep blacks as well as small text and fine details on this blanket, and the quality of this process blew me away. Two minor things though... there is a black trim along the edge of the blanket. If you peel it back just a hair, you do see the original white of the blanket behind it since they can't dye that part of the surface (very minor and not a sticking point for us). Also, the backing is a really nice oxford cotton, which has its pros and cons. Pro: it will hold up way better and be machine washable as compared to a plastic backing that will crack over time. Con: it's not water proof, maybe somewhat water repellent. It may not be the ideal blanket to put down on wet grass, but again, not a sticking point for us! Love this blanket and ordered a whole bunch of them to give out at a tradeshow!