Photo Beach Towel - 30" x 60"

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A towel unlike what you're used to – made from absorbent microfiber, this soft and plush towel is thinner than a normal terrycloth towel, but dries you off just as well! A perfect gift for the spring and summer months.
  • Versatile Use: -Great to wrap up in for a movie night, to drape over a couch, or hang on the wall! Trips to the beach or picnics are always made better with a nice sitting blanket to rest on.

    -Share your artwork and designs or give it as a gift to someone in need of comfort or visual memorabilia.

    -Help your homesick college students snuggle up with a picture of their pets or start: family!

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Customer Reviews

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Funny Kitchen Towel

Very reasonable price. Quick, efficient service,. This photo towel made for a great Christmas gift.

Heartwarming gift 💙👍🏼🥰

Great quality , good photo transfer, perfect size & thickness !!!;) 👍🏼💙🥰

Customer Service and Shipping

Happy Holidays I am always pleased with the Customer Service, The shipping and The Product. I have been ordering lovely things from you for several years. I do have a problem. I have lost my last purchase, Picture of a Cat, Reading, "I Meow You". May I purchase a Duplicate at the same sale price.

thank you

Hand towel

Loved the final product in terms of customization and quality of image. My one complaint is that the “towel” is not a hand towel and not absorbent in any way. The material is kind of like fleece or something.

Love all your products! Great work! Great keepsakes!

Everything is always “quality” - love it all.