HD Woven Photo Blanket - 60" x 54" (Large)

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A traditional woven blanket with full color detail. Three-layer woven, dye sublimation imprinted. Perfect for hanging out on the couch.

  • Size: 60" x 54"
  • Material: Poly/Cotton, 3-layer Woven Blanket
  • Production Process: Dye Sublimation
  • Production Time: Ships in 3-5 Business Days.
  • Softness Index: Ultra soft and comfy.
  • Texture Comparisons: Soft ribbed knit feel.
  • Set it up with a single image or a collage!

Questions & Answers

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  • I'd like to order photo blanket, but have questions on how to submit photo ?

    here is a field in the options section of this product that will allow you to upload a file. You can submit your photo that way. Alternatively, you can also email it to us after placing your order at contact@personalthrows.com.

    If you have a hardcopy photo and do not have the ability to digitize it, you can mail it in to us. Our team will digitize it for you. Be advised that mailing the photo will incur an addition $7.95 digitization fee and will delay the production of your order.

    If you have further questions, please email us.

  • is this a legitimate site?

    Yes, this is a legitimate site for a business run out of Alpharetta, GA in the United States.

  • I have a black and white picture. Will it show up on the blanket as black and white or can you add color to it? if so is there an additional charge for the color?

    Black and white images are printed as they are sent. Full colorization of black and white photos is not offered by our art team at this time.

  • Is the picture woven in the photo throw? A few years a go I had one made with my little 3lb pappion puppy. Every one that sees it loves it. It is woven through the throw. It has a black background which is beautiful for she was white. I now have a little Shih Tzu weighing 7lbs and I want one for her. Are the still available?

    No. It's indicated in the description for this product that the image is imprinted onto the blanket using dye sublimation. The product we offer where the image is converted into a loom pattern and used to weave the throw together is our Jacquard Woven Blanket.

  • You state one image, yet you show a blanket with three generations of men. My picture is a father reading to two small children. Does it fit the bill. Is there a price difference? 6892i

    By one image, we specifically mean one photo. Multi-subject photos are still considered a single image.

  • Can this be customized to have just 4 pictures; Landscaped view, with one picture at the top and three underneath. Layout similar to the Daisy border collage?

    If you specify that's how you want the layout arranged in the comments section before adding the item to your cart, our art team will be happy to set up your layout that way.
    Please be advised that the more specific you are, the better our layout artists are able interpret your vision for the blanket's layout.

  • How do I personalize this blanket and do it the way I WANT to do it?

    Please contact our customer service department at 866-678-6933 or contact@personalthrows.com to speak with a customer service representative.

  • I am going to order a throw collage with 10 pictures. The pictures are of a 25 week old deceased baby boy. My daughter lost him on Feb 21, 2015 and I want to make a memorial type blanket for her. I need to get some better pictures but can't get them until this weekend. I am hoping I still have time to order before the 21st date. Also, is there a way to crop the pictures some to show his little face better than the actual picture shows?

    Our art team does not typically crop the photos used in collagesunlessa customer specifies to do so. All you would need to do is state in the comments section before adding the item to your cart. We also advise putting any other important instructions into the comments section as well, since we're able to better meet your needs if you're more specific. Our team does not mind detailed instructions –in fact we encourage customers to be as clear and detailed as they can in order to create a collage that best manifests their personal vision. If you have any further questions, we encourage you to please contact us by phone at 866-678-6933 or by email at contact@personalthrows.com for assistance.

  • Do any of your blankets allow for 20+ pictures? Ideally, I'm looking to put a large photo/design in the middle and have children's artwork in smaller photos around this

    We do not offer the option of using 20+ pictures by default. The limit on the number of images allowed on this collage correspond to how the detail is best preserved when sublimating it on the blanket – the texture of the woven fabric commonly causes loss of much finer details on the image. While this isn't an issue with most collage or single images, the more images put in a collage, the finer the details of the final image will be – which means there's a higher likelihood of detail on the images being lost in the blanket's texture. We cannot advise 20+ images on collage for this type of blanket for this reason, although the risk of detail loss is lowered if they are single-subject/non-complex images. An additional art fee is also incurred for collages using more than 12 images (based on the number of images added to that amount), which would mean this would need to be set up as a custom order. If you are still interested going forward with a 20+ image collage, then please call our Customer Service department at 866.678.6933, Call Us 9am to 5pm EST, Monday-Friday.

  • If I put 2 pictures on a 60X54 how much of the blanket will the pictures cover?

    Our collages are set up to try and fill the full area of the blanket, with a 3" border on each edge (which is customisable by color). Our art team would ideally attempt to set up the two photos to best fill that space, however there may be some space left that will be filled in with whatever background color you've chosen depending on the aspect ratio of your photos as a collage.

Customer Reviews

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Hiram #14

The throw was of high quality and the photo came out amazing despite being sent from a phone, then to an email to be sent. Your company is awesome and my Lodge will be ordering more in the future!!!

~~~Grandchildren's 2016 Christmas Gift~~~

We ordered 3 of these Woven Collage Blankets for our Grandchildren for Christmas 2016. They were absolutely beautiful, well down & clear pictures, even the faces!!! The weight was not-too-heavy & not-too-light, just perfect for snuggling underneath. I know they will appreciate their own 'special' blanket for many years to come!! I would DEFINATELY not hesitate to order from this Company! Thank you, Personal Throws!~~~

Great buy

Bought this as a gift for sister, and it was absolutely beautiful. Quality of the blanket, quality of the images, were just awesome

Very Pleased

Outstanding detail and quality. This is a really inexpensive way to give a very personal gift. I just made my design in Powerpoint using my photos and artwork, saved it as a jpeg and sent it to Personal Throws. They did the rest! Beautiful, useful and personal; the perfect gift!

Great Quality and an Awesome Print

I ordered two of these for my mom for Christmas and she loves them!! The pictures came out beautifully and the blankets are good quality. They shipped fast and arrived in a very timely manner. Highly recommended!