Unique Uses of Photos to Personalize Your Cell Phone or Tablet

Posted by Pratt on 1/4/2014 to PersonalThrows
Sometimes, it feels like everyone has the same phone or tablet as you do, and it is difficult to make yours stand out among the crowd. Personalizing phones and tablets is usually a simple task of using a special background and buying a case from a mall kiosk, but using photos is a unique way to further personalize your cases.

It is possible to personalize cases with your own images, ensuring that no one else has the exact same phone or tablet case as you. The most simple way of using a photo is to pick one of your favorite pictures, such as one of you, your family, your friends or a pet, and set it as a solitary image for the case. However, it is easy and fun to create collages of your favorite pictures to make sure your case represents the important parts of your life. Open up a simple image editing program, and use pictures of the people and things you love to create a single mashup of your life. 

Alternatively, create an image in a drawing program or on paper, and use your artwork to personalize your phone or tablet case. Get creative as you flip through your photos to decide which one or ones to use and show off your personality.

When your phone or tablet case is personalized with a unique photo, image or collection of different pictures, it stands out and is easily noticeable. Do not settle for pre-made cases that everyone else owns. Instead, create your own, and do not be afraid to show it off to those around you.