Some of the Many Creative Uses for Photo Blankets

Posted by Pratt on 1/22/2014 to PersonalThrows
Photo blankets are a great way to preserve and display photographs or artwork. They can be used as a simple throw blanket for a couch or bed, or hung up as a tapestry or custom window covering. Getting creative with your photos can open up new applications as well.

You could get your dog something he dreams about every time he goes to sleep - a big, giant steak or a ham-hock. Just find a high-resolution image of a porterhouse or a cut of meat of your choosing, or take one next time you pick up one for dinner. Then get it printed on a throw blanket, and introduce it to your dog.

Another avenue is gag presents for college friends or roommates. A common gag is to get photos and plaster Nicholas Cage's face all over it, or in inconspicuous areas hoping for the friend to think "Why is Nicholas Cage here?" Getting a high-resolution image of Nicholas Cage's face and having it printed on a blanket is a great way for your friends to stay warm and laugh all day about having Nicholas Cage staring back at you. You could also go a more traditional route and get their favorite animated series character or band logo printed on a blanket for them.

One last idea is a budding trend that will probably become a sensation next fall. As families send their children off to college, they worry about some of the things their children will encounter. Obviously, they worry about sex and underage drinking and may not know how to help their teenagers make good choices. A few handful of parents have decided to take pictures of their stern faces or family portraits and have them printed on the blankets they send with their teens for their dorm rooms. This is not intended to make the teen think they are constantly been watched, but to make the teen think twice or scare off any prospective boyfriend or girlfriend before going too far. 

There are many different applications for photo blankets beyond something customized to sleep under, and these are just a few ideas with where you can go with your own blanket.