Photo Canvas: A Better Alternative for Displaying Your Favorite Photographs

Posted by Pratt on 12/29/2013 to PersonalThrows
Photos printed on canvas have a special quality that traditional paper prints do not. From the unique texture to the dynamic colors, a canvas photograph just looks and feels different. Photo canvases also offer practical advantages, from simplifying the chore of hanging to saving on the cost of framing. Unlike traditional options, canvas opens up a new world of possibilities for displaying your photographs, including large prints and tryptic frames.

Photo canvases bring a modern and artistic note to your home decor. They also have practical advantages over paper prints, starting with the framing process. Though canvas initially costs more than paper, the expense of framing your paper print quickly adds up, making canvas the more affordable option. Canvas photos do not require protective glass or matting. Instead, they are stretched over wooden frames, just like paintings. You may do this yourself by purchasing a rolled-style print and stretcher strips, but most people prefer to purchase their canvas photograph already stretched. By selecting the Gallery Wrap option, your canvas photo arrives mounted and ready to hang.

Stretched canvases are typically lighter compared to framed prints. This advantage often allows you to skip specialized hanging methods and fancy hardware in favor of faster options. The benefits of canvas only grow with larger pictures, which cost more to frame and require extra caution when hanging. If you plan to enlarge your photograph, canvas photos usually look better than paper, since the printing method and texture camouflage pixels and artifacts. Canvas photographs offer novel display options, such as dividing a large image into two or more framed sections to create an artistic tryptic. Some companies even offer huge canvas panels for an immersive viewing experience.

When choosing canvas, take advantage of the new technology by experimenting with photo enlargement, textures and printing effects. Matte finishes typically offer a more natural appearance compared to gloss. To keep your canvas photograph looking colorful and bright, choose a location with indirect light. Though printed canvases are more durable than paper, the dyes and inks are still susceptible to ultraviolet light, which makes colors fade over time.