Personal Throws

Posted by Pratt on 1/23/2014 to PersonalThrows
Have you ever searched for the perfect gift for a parent, grandparent, friend or family member only to end up with nothing that says how you feel? A photo blanket is a wonderful idea that is sure to put a smile on anyone's face. It is a personal gift that can be cherished forever. 

First, you need to look at the styles of blankets that you can get. Next, you need to decide what picture to place on the blanket. If you have children, then consider getting a special picture made of them and placing it on the blanket. You can give this to grandparents, especially if you don't see them frequently through the year. Pictures of special events in your life also make wonderful displays. Graduations, birthdays and weddings are ideas that you can use, but the possibilities are endless. Choose a design that is suitable for not only the person but the occasion. 

If you are looking for an anniversary gift, then consider using a wedding picture of the couple on the blanket. This will be a gift that can be displayed at the anniversary celebration, and the couple can keep the gift in a chest or on the bed so that they see it every day. An idea for new parents might involve using an ultrasound picture on one side of the blanket and a picture of the baby after birth on the other side. Choose a background that matches the colors of the picture so that the blanket blends together. White or another neutral color is a good base, but you can add fringe on the side that is the same color as something in the picture like a dress or toy.