How to Get Creative with Photo Blankets and other Household Accessories?

Posted by Personal Throws on 6/13/2014 to PersonalThrows
Images have the ability to take us back in time where we can relive some of the most special moments in our lives. They have the power to communicate with people on a personal level and allows us to take some time off to reconnect with the simple joys of life. At Personal Throws, you can order custom made bed linen, apparels, pillows, aprons, floor mats, towels, scarves and ties that can be made to feature high quality digital photos of your choice. Here are some interesting ideas at your disposal.
Couples can use a variety of snap shots to reminisce the good old days. Everyone likes a photograph that manages to conjure special memories. This could include a photo of the couple smiling at the camera in a hill resort in Switzerland. You could also use a photograph from college where you met your spouse for the first time. Another option would be is to use a picture that depicts the couple in a warm embrace. Simple gestures like these go a long way towards adding a lot of zing in a married couple’s life.
Young Children 
You can create innovative photo blankets through Personal Throws when it comes to kids under the age of 12. If your child is interested in the arts, you can get images of his drawings embossed on various household items. This is bound to make your child happy and will further encourage him to pursue his creative talents. As a mother, you can also proudly show his works to friends and other family members who visit your place of residence.
Older kids can be quite picky when it comes to personal possessions. So you might need to get a little creative to win them over. For instance, if you have a daughter who is leaving home for college, you can present her with a set of photo based bed linens. You could include images from her childhood where she is captured in her various moods- from happy to downright grumpy. You could also get family images embossed on the blankets to keep her from missing her family.
Another alternative would be is to present them with custom made mouse pads, phone cases, tote bags, t-shirts, floor mats and table covers.