How to Display Your Canvas Photo

Posted by Pratt on 1/26/2014 to PersonalThrows
The way that you decorate your home is a very personal process. It says a lot about you and the people who live there with you. Canvas photos are a beautiful, trendy way to display art and pictures of the people and places that you love. There is actually a lot that you can do with a canvas print, including grids, putting them on shelves, making a canvas collage, framing them, and using them as a solo focal point.


What’s better than one canvas photo? Several canvas photos! You can have several printed out with the same dimensions and create a whole grid of pictures on canvas on your walls. Each print can be its own picture, or you could even have a part of one picture printed on each canvas so that the whole grid creates the picture when put together.


You don’t necessarily need an easel to display a canvas on a shelf. The canvas is usually pretty sturdy, and it looks fantastic simply propped up at an angle against the wall. If you want to go trendy and simplistic, just put your canvas up as-is on a clearly visible shelf.

Canvas Collage

You can use several prints of the same size to make a grid, or get several prints of varying sizes in order to make your own canvas photo collage. A collage with different sized prints can be eye catching and a great focal for just about any room in your home.


Despite their size, many canvases can actually be framed. It’s likely that your frame will also be pretty sturdy and stand out. If you want a little something more to add to your canvas print, find a frame to complete it.


When you’re all out of other ideas, simply displaying a solo canvas piece as a focal point on the wall should more than suffice. Sometimes less really is more.

There are a lot of possibilities when it comes to displaying canvas photos. Ultimately, it’s your imagination that decides!