How to Create a Personal, Thoughtful Gift

Posted by Pratt on 2/21/2014 to PersonalThrows
No matter what kind of family you come from or friends you have, there always seems to be that one person that is difficult to buy a gift for. Whether it is a holiday, special event, or birthday, coming up with that “perfect” gift can be difficult. There are two easy things that you can do to create a personal, thoughtful gift for even the toughest-to-buy-for person on your list: use a photo and go unique, but useful.

Use a Photo

There aren't very many items that get much more personal with gift giving as a photo. Even just a simple photo in a frame can be a touching and memorable gift for anyone that you know. If the person you are buying for is a family member or close friend, it may be likely that you already have an array of photos on hand to choose from. If you are looking to go personal with a gift but don’t have any photos, then you might need to turn to family members or friends of that person to let you borrow one. The photo does not need to have the person in it, but should still be relevant to his or her life.

Go Unique, but Useful

The next step is to use that photo in a unique-but-useful manner. Turn it into something great! With technology today, there are plenty of gift ideas to choose from. Order a mug for the coffee drinker, a tote bag for the shopper, a mouse pad for the computer-user, or a throw pillow, blanket, or plaque for the decorator. You can even adorn cell phone covers and bed sheets with a personal photo. Choose an item that the receiver is likely to use, which should make the gift all the more memorable.
It can be really difficult to buy gifts for certain people. For these people in your life, using a photo in a unique, useful way can create a very personal, thoughtful gift. The next time you’re stuck on what to buy that special someone, just think how great they might look in a shirt or tie with a beautiful, personal photo on it.