Great Gifts for Grandma

Posted by Pratt on 12/23/2013
Giving a nice gift to grandma is always a great idea, but it is important to get her something that she will truly cherish and appreciate. There are some items that are sure to bring a smile to her face and let her know that she is truly loved. These can be given on holidays, birthdays or just because you want to give her a gift - after all, she's grandma! She deserves a "just because" present every now and then!

Photo Calenders
A photo calender is a regular calender, but the pictures that are included are completely chosen by you. You can choose things like pictures of the grandkids, photos from the last time you visited her and other pictures that mean something to her. You will need to choose 12 different pictures so that there is a different pictures for each month. Many places will also allow you to add additional graphics, such as tulips for April or fireworks for July so you can get really creative and make this a very nice gift.

Personal Throws
Personal throws allow you to put a picture onto a cozy blanket that can be used to keep grandma warm. You can choose any picture that you like and it will be blown up and applied to a blanket that is soft and comfortable. You can also create photo pillows to match the blanket - what grandmother wouldn't love being wrapped up in her kids and grandkids any time she wants?

Digital Photo Frame
A digital photo frame is like a modernized photo album. These can be displayed just like any other photo frame, but they come with dozens of different pictures. You can find these in varying capacities so you can choose how many photos the frame will hold. These frames can be set to a single picture and then you can easily change to a new photo whenever you want. You can also choose a setting that will cycle through all of the photos that have been uploaded.