Family Reunions

Posted by Carlos on 1/15/2014 to PersonalThrows
There’s nothing better than a family reunion, and there’s no better item for everyone to have at a family reunion than a tee shirt to commemorate the event.  You don’t see each other as often as you did when you were younger, and it’s a shame, because everyone has so much fun when you’re together...So take a photo of the entire family, with Uncle Horace and Aunt Elma and Cousins Ernie and Bernie, and Jethro and Eula (Aunt Elma’s twin sister,)  and emblazon it across the shirt front, with the family name and the year, and on the back side you can list everyone’s names.  Family reunion tee shirts are so much fun that you will probably decide to make them for every year’s reunion, each year using the family photo of the year before for the shirts.

And for the family matriarch and patriarch, you can present to each of them their own blanket or throw, with the entire family pictured upon it. They, after all, deserve royal treatment, as the heads of the family. They will be able to stay warm and proudly show off the entire family to any visitors who happen by.  

As elderly grandparents and great grandparents grow older, they get out and about less and less, and their outside interests can decline.  Special occasions like birthdays and Christmas or Chanukah leave everyone wondering what to get them for a gift that they can actually use and enjoy. As older folks are funny about the gifts they receive, they might be just as likely to keep the gift in the original wrapping as to use it,  They won’t be able to resist a throw or blanket that shows their complete lineage, on down from the eldest to the new babies in the family.