Elegant Monogrammed Gifts for Newly Married Couples

Posted by Pratt on 4/5/2014 to PersonalThrows

Besides offering a wide range of customized items, in which you can have your favorite photos printed on, we also make monogrammed gifts for those who want a subtler take on personalized gifts. This reason is precisely why monogrammed items are highly recommended to be given as wedding gifts for newlyweds. Get to know more about this special service we offer here at Personal Throws:


Why Monogrammed Items?


As what’s previously been mentioned, there is a rather elegant and sophisticated feel when it comes to monogrammed items. Not everyone is a fan of having their faces printed across their pillows, blankets, and other whatnot, making monogrammed pieces the better option with its understated style. Newlyweds can definitely appreciate receiving this kind of gifts since they’re all about building a home for themselves. And what better gift to give them than something that they could actually use to complete the homey and personal feel of their humble abode, right?


What Items Can Have Monogrammed Prints?


Here at Personal Throws, we’re all about completing your home interior with these fabulous accents, such as plush fleece blankets, linen pillows, floor mats, and even beach towels. Each of these monogrammed items comes in different colors and design, from which you can easily choose to give. Any one of these home accents would be enough to make newlyweds feel even more excited about the new life at home they’re about to start.


How to Order Monogrammed Gifts?


Much like with our other personalized items on sale, all you have to do is to click on the product of your choice and follow the instructions listed on the page. For monogrammed items, you just need to type in the (1) initial to be printed, choose the color, type in other comments and instructions, finalize the quantity, and add to cart. You can also choose to have the layout approved first before we proceed with the production.