Decorate Common Household Items With Family Pictures

Posted by Pratt on 11/19/2013
Personalize your home by decorating various household items with pictures of your family members. With their smiling faces all over your loving home, it is easy to feel close to those who hold special places in your heart. PersonalThrows makes it easy to add photos to a wide variety of personal items, ranging from blankets to plaques.

Decor that is personalized with your own family photos stands out in any room in your home. Bring new life to a dull living room with a personalized tapestry; the large space gives you plenty of room to incorporate a photo of the entire family, grandparents included. Choose from small, medium and large tapestries depending on the size of your wall. For smaller spaces, such as stairways and bedrooms, choose a photo plaque for a pleasing departure from traditional picture frames. These come in several colors to coordinate with your decor. Some are designed to house standard rectangular pictures, while others feature cameo photos with added text.

Personalize the everyday items you use in your home with photos, too. Photo bedsheets remind you of those at home when you are sleeping away from your family, and photo towels are perfect for showing off at the beach. Display your favorite family moments on throw pillows or a photo blanket on the couch.

The memories you create with your family are the most meaningful life memories you have. Keep them close at hand by displaying your favorite family photos on household items. Whether you dedicate an entire wall to a large tapestry or simply display a few throw pillows with your favorite family pictures, having your loved ones' images close makes your house a home.