Create a Window With Canvas Splits

Posted by Pratt on 1/15/2014 to PersonalThrows
Do you have a room that is just too small or lacking sufficient windows or both?  Would you like to take a sledgehammer to one or more of the walls of the room to create some windows?  Well you won’t have to go that far, thankfully as Personal Throws has created an easy way for you to expand the look and feel of any room by the simple addition of wall art.

Let’s say you love the, while you may not live there, you can bring it home in a unique and very affordable way, so put back the sledgehammer and read on.  Now here’s where the fun begins:  Take a great photo of the sand, water’s edge, ocean and sky.  You can choose whether you want a nighttime scene or a daytime scene.  Choose whether you want sunny skies or a clouded/rainy day.  Take your favorite high resolution shot and submit it to the designers at Personal Throws, who will set up the image to appear as big as it would, if you were looking out your window at it.  Then you request that Personal Throws create a Canvas Split from your presentation, and what you will get back is a view of the ocean (or wherever your photo was taken, beit mountains, an urban scene or a charming garden,) split into your choice of three or four panels that, when hung upon the wall, give the impression that you are looking out a window at the scene pictured in the photo.

The Canvas Split can work equally as well with objects from small ones that are enlarged way beyond their customary size to large ones, appropriately sized to suit your taste.  These split canvases are becoming quite popular in the art world, as they can be composed and hung in a way as to appear ultra artsy and avant garde.  It’s up to you, the photo you choose and how creative or traditional you would like to be!