Around the Office - The Faux Suede Photo iPad Case

Posted by PT Staff on 5/8/2013 to PersonalThrows
We recently introduced a line of customizable photo smartphone and tablet covers for some of the more popular smartphones and tablet devices on the market. These are new products, and producing them for our customers has been quite an adventure since we've mostly worked with photo blankets previously.

With Mother's Day approaching, our company's lead graphic designer (who's also a published author and illustrator) was looking to create a personalized gift of his own for his mother. He set his sights on the Faux Suede Photo Notebook Case for the iPad 2, 3 & 4. In our designer's case, his mother happens to be a child at heart, and loves books for younger readers. Our designer recently published the first in a series of novels; which his mother happens to be the first recorded fan of. Using our printing technology, he put together artwork to create a customized iPad case.

iPad Case FrontiPad Case Front Close-Up
You can see a view of the front here, as well as a close-up of the item's texture.

The iPad Case Unfolded
The image goes over the entire cover, wrapping around from the front to the back.

The Back of the iPad Case
The plastic snap-in case that holds the iPad inside the cover is rotatable. Velcro strips inside the allow the case to be rotated and secured in an upright position, allowing the cover to double as a stand for your iPad.

Hopefully this is a Mother's Day gift our designer's mom will appreciate.