A Girl’s Sanctuary

Posted by Pratt on 3/20/2014 to PersonalThrows

A girl’s bedroom is her sanctuary.  It is where she feels the most safe and secure.  It’s not only the place where she rests her head every night for eight hours’ sleep; it’s the place where her dreams are formed.  From dreaming of being a princess as a young girl to dreaming of kissing prince charming as a teen to dreaming of colleges, a girl’s late night fantasies are created in her bedroom

Decorating a little girl’s room when she is an infant or toddler is easy because the bedroom reflects her parent’s taste.  But, what about when she has developed her own style and interests?  One day, they may want their room painted the softest, prettiest pink you can imagine, the next, she may want the most horrific puce, and then there is the “dark phase”, when they start wearing dark colors and suddenly they want to paint their bedroom walls black.  Thankfully, these are all phases that pass.

Individuality is an important part of any girl to grow into a strong, independent woman.  The seeds of individuality start at home, and more specifically in their private space. 

A wall mural display is a great way to add character and personal touch to your daughter’s bedroom.  Your daughter’s favorite image can be the focal point of her bedroom.  Whether it’s a picture of her in her tutu at four, or a picture of the family pet, or a picture of her soccer team or cheer squad, her room will really reflect what she loves the most.

Personalthrows.com offers high quality wall mural displays available in four sizes to fit any size bedroom.  Like a painted mural, these canvas murals bring images to life.  With an expert art team and a 100% satisfaction guarantee, personalthrows.com can help you transform your child’s bedroom to a very personal place where dreams are made.